USAF Veteran and Gold Star Widow Natalee King recently shared her tragic and inspirational story with SpouseLink. On her own TikTok channel, she shared 6 things she wishes she had known before becoming a widow. You can view her post below and see the transcript from her video to get her insights.

By Natalee King
Guest Blogger

I wanna share with y’all six things that I wish I would have done or known before becoming a young widow.

1. I wish I would’ve openly talked about death with my partner and asked them, “If you were to die, what are your expectations of me and our children?”

2. Ask your partner if they want to be cremated or buried, and what they would want to be buried in.

3. Ask your partner, “If you were to die tomorrow, what is the first thing that you would want me to do?”

4. Take out life insurance policies on yourself and your partner, no matter what age, especially if you have children.

5. Tell them that you love them every time they leave the house, no matter what.

6. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures and videos of my late husband.

Death is going to happen to all of us eventually, and it could be tomorrow, so why wait to have these hard discussions with your partner? They are very important discussions and they could help you in the future.

About Natalee King

Natalee is an USAF Veteran and Gold Star Widow. She is a mother of two boys and spends her time raising her children and sharing her tragic story online to inspire others. You can connect with her on TikTok, or Instagram

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