One of the best things about being a military family is that it usually involves a lot of travel. That may come in the form of PCS moves, or vacation time, but either way, it can create a lot of memories. SpouseLink Ambassador Jessica remembers one of her favorite vacations and why it was so special.

Listen to Jessica’s story:

Jessica is the SpouseLink Ambassador at Camp Lejeune, but she’s also served as our Stuttgart teammate, so if you have any questions about heading to Germany, she’s a great resource to reach out to! Her family traveled around the area quite a bit during the three years they lived there. Or, you can connect with her stateside for an online event or in-person get-together. She hosts events for military spouses to connect with each other in keeping with our mission to inform, support and inspire the MilSpouse community. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Meet SpouseLink Ambassador Jessica

Jessica has represented us at Camp Lejeune, NC and Stuttgart, Germany. Connect with her for more insights about the area!


Adventures for Your Military Family in North Carolina:

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