The leaves have started to change color and fall to the ground. The air has a chill once again. Fall is here and things are about to get spooky. Halloween is right around the corner.

While the main focus on Halloween is the costume, and there’s certainly a lot that goes into a great Halloween fit, don’t discredit the need for some ghastly desserts and decor floating around your Halloween home. Whether you’re hosting the party this year or just want to spike the holiday with some extra eerieness, we’ve got you covered. Turn up the scare factor this Halloween with these DIY tricks and treats.

Trick? Or treat? It’s your choice. Or you can have both. Nobody’s stopping you!

1. Witch’s Finger Breadsticks

This tasty treat gives new meaning to “biting your nails.”

Turn your children into little cannibals with these wicked witch’s finger breadsticks. Get the full recipe from Cook Nourish Bliss.

2. Nutter Butter Mummies

Chocolate and peanut butter is a dangerously delicious combo.

It’ll even have you craving the undead. Mummify your cookies with Southern Bite.

3. Vampire Donuts

Be careful about sinking your teeth into these sweet treats.

They’ll bite right back. And no…that’s not jelly. Get this hilariously easy but haunting recipe from She Knows.

4. Morgue Door

The front door of your home should be a welcoming portal into your family’s safe place.

Except on Halloween. Turn it into a fake cabinet full of corpses. Country Living will help you turn your front door into something more deathly.

5. Skull String Art

Skulls are a staple of scary.

The three-dimensional effect you get from this string-art skull brings the frightful face to life. Start stringing up your skulls with A Beautiful Mess.

6. Haunted Windows and Mirrors

Ever walk past a mirror and think you see something that isn’t just your reflection?

Or feel like someone’s staring through the window? Now you can give everyone that very same haunting scare! Country Living will show you how to make your window come alive with visions of the dead.

More Haunting Halloween Ideas for Your MilFam:

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