Father’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to let Dad know how much you care than with a handmade card. We’ve rounded up 6 nerdy, funny, and thoughtful ideas to help show Dad some love.

1. “Yoda Best, Dad” Card

What You Need: Cardstock | Green, gray, brown, and white paint | Black Sharpie

Quick How-To:

1. Paint your palm and thumb green and your four fingers brown.
2. Draw the outlines of the face and body with the Sharpie marker.
3. Fill in the ears with green paint.
4. Use the gray and white paint to add in face details.
5. Write “Yoda Best Dad!” on the top of the card.

From: IHeartArtsNCrafts.com.

2. Rocket Card

What You Need: Printable rocket template | black, white, red, yellow, and orange paper | Scissors | Glue | Hole punch | Orange and red yarn | Black marker

Quick How-To:

1. Use the template and use it to cut out the rocket and stars from the white, red, yellow, and orange paper.
2. Glue stars and rocket from the black paper.
3. Use the hole punch to make a few holes at the bottom of the rocket and threat the yarn through the holes.
4. Write “I love you to the moon and back” inside the rocket.

From: NonToyGifts.com.

3. “One in a Melon” Card

What You Need: Printable melon template | Black, pink, red, light, and green craft foam sheets | White cardstock | Scissors | Googly eyes | Glue | Black marker

Quick How-To:

1. Use the template to cut out the melon from the craft glue.
2. Glue the melon to the cardstock.
3. Glue on the googly eyes and rosy cheeks from pink craft foam.
4. Draw on smile and seeds to melon.
5. Write “Dad, You’re One in a Melon!” on the card.

From: FrugalMomeh.com.

4. “You’re the Vest, Dad” Card

What You Need: Blank card | Orange, black, blue, and brown paper | Craft glue | Black marker

Quick How-To:

1. Cut the orange paper into a rectangle and cut slits to make it a vest. Fold both sides to the middle.
2. Cut small strips of black paper and glue them to the life vest to make straps.
3. Cut brown paper into an oar and blue paper into water and glue all pieces onto to card.
4. Write “You’re the Vest Dad!” on the top of the card.

From: CraftyMorning.com.

5. Monster Hug Card

What You Need: A5 colored card | A3 sugar paper | Felt pens | Scissors | Googly eyes | Glue

Quick How-To:

1. Cut out a monster from the A5 card and long arms from the A3 sugar paper.
2. Glue the arms to the back of the monster.
3. Decorate the monster with spots and google eyes.

From: KidsCraftRoom.com.

6. “Stay Cool, Dad” Card

What You Need: Box of Mike and Ikes | Toothpicks | Glue | Black card

Quick How-To:

1. Find three pairs of the same colored candies and break toothpicks so they are the same length as the Mike and Ikes.
2. Stick the toothpick through the bottom of the candy and glue them on the card.
3. Write “Stay cool, Dad” on the card.
4. Bow Tie Pasta Card

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