Can you feel it? That spooky feeling in the air that rolls in right about the same time the leaves start changing color? It might feel like Labor Day weekend barbeques were just last weekend but, believe it or not, it is nearly Halloween. Before you know it, skeletons and witches will be hanging in every store window and jack-o-lanterns will line the neighborhood streets as children of all ages get ready for a night of candy-collecting and mischief.

This year, SpouseLink wants to help you transform your home into the creepiest crib on the block. These ghoulish DIY decorations will have trick-or-treaters spreading ghost stories about your haunted house.

Spooky Specimen Jars

Transform any room into a witch’s lair or a mad scientist’s laboratory with these creepy specimen jars. All you need are some old mason jars and a few “specimens” to put inside. (From DIY Network.)

Haunting Warning Signs

These haunting warning signs of impending doom should be enough to make any trick-or-treater turn back. We’re sure a few will still push ahead, though. Are they in for a trick? Or a treat? (From Crafts by Amanda.)

Halloween Character Candles

Turn the off the lights and let your favorite Halloween monsters light up the room and cast spooky shadows. (From Crafting Chicks.)

Zombie Barbie Brigade

Even the Barbies are coming back from the dead this Halloween. Transform the always fabulous Barbie into a zombie bride and fill your front lawn with miniature undead divas. (From Crafts by Amanda.)

Bloody Table Runner

Make your guests wonder what you’ve been up to with this blood-stained tablecloth. The fewer questions the better. It’s best if they don’t know… (From Brit + CO.)

Frightening Floating Ghosts

What would Halloween be without a visit from the other side? Make any wandering spirits feel a little more welcome by hanging up these ghostly pals around your place. (From Love and Laundry.)

Monstrous Cocktail Stirrers

Turn your cocktail costume party into a monster mash with these monster-gummy cocktail stirrers. Or serve them to the kids as candy cadaver skewers. Now it’s a real graveyard smash. (From A Beautiful Mess.)

Scary Skull Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore. This deathly skull wreath is a haunting hello for your Halloween guests. Add some slithering rubber snakes to give new meaning to the term “creepy-crawly”.  (From Tried and True.)

Freaky Floating Witches Hats

Add a little hocus pocus to your porch with these floating witches’ hats. They even light up at night! Now, where are the brooms? (From Polkadot Chair.)

Giant Spider Web

Watch your step or you might be a spider’s next meal. We hear they’re extra hungry around this time of year, too. (From HGTV.)

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