Looking for a way to make Father’s Day extra special this year? Forget about picking out the perfect “#1 Dad” card or personalized grill tool set. The key to an unforgettable Father’s Day is to go out and make memories! Below are 10 different activities that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

1. Send him on a scavenger hunt

This one’s perfect for any dad who’ still a kid at heart. Give Dad clues that will take him around the house or the neighborhood to help him find a special Father’s Day gift. Arrange for the last clue to lead to a picnic lunch, cookout, or favorite restaurant.

2. Play a family sports game

Gift Dad with the jersey of one of his favorite sports teams and then surprise him with a backyard game of baseball, football, basketball, or whatever Dad likes best. Be sure the follow up with a post-game cookout complete with all his favorite ballpark or tailgating foods.

3. Visit a Historical Site

Instead of loading Dad down with yet another biography, take the learning on a road by finding a local historic site to visit. Many will offer tours or you can create your own by jotting down some interesting facts beforehand.

4. Take a cooking class

If delectable dishes are the way to Dad’s heart, sign the two of you up for a cooking class. Look for a theme or cuisine he’ll enjoy, then head back home to share your experiences and new recipes with the whole family.

5. Attend a concert

Whether he’s up on all the latest bands or more of a classic rock guy, live music is always a good time. Check to see if his favorite band is on tour or find a local band for you to enjoy together.

6. Go for a joy ride

Is Dad an auto-enthusiast who’s resigned himself to driving around the family SUV? Make is day with a classic car or sports car rental you can all drive around in with the top down and music blasting.

7. Host a movie marathon

Is Dad a huge Star Wars fan? Or is he constantly quoting some other cult classic? Stock up on candy and popcorn and indulge the fanatic in him with back-to-back screenings of his favorite movies.

8. Have a classic game night

Nothing would make a sentimental Dad happier than cozying up with his family at home. Make a night-in extra special by gathering up several classic board games for some good-hearted competition that is sure to spark plenty of laughter.

9. Build a model

Create a concrete memory by teaming up with Dad to put together a model kit. From airplanes to cars to movie characters, countless kits can be found online or at your local craft store.

10. Volunteer together

Giving back together is a great way to grow together. Find a local charity that supports a cause Dad cares about and spend the day showing your support.

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