Ready for warm, rich flavors to seep into your soul as the autumn chill arrives? Or just want to do something fun and creative with your food this season? We’ve got 10 recipes for you to try out on your military family and friends! They range from sweet to spicy… spooky to spectacular. So get out your baking pans and send out the invitations. Everyone’s going to want a bite of these!

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  1. Spooky Ghost Pizza
    Pizza is a winner no matter what it looks like, right? But add some ghost-shaped mozzarella and googly olive eyeballs to it and its Halloween costume is complete. Yet, your dinner guests won’t be afraid to dig in!
  2. Ogre Pumpkin Sliders
    These little mini hamburgers are as adorable as everyone’s favorite ogres, Shrek and Fiona. Nothing animated about these, though… other than the happiness your taste buds will feel when you eat them.
  3. Apple Pie Recipe
    This is, of course, a classic for every fall holiday.
    What dessert table would be complete without a delicious home-baked apple pie on it? In fact, you don’t need a special occasion to wait for it, especially when you have this easy recipe to follow.
  4. Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
    Lush, smooth, creamy, soothing and hot. Isn’t that how all food in the colder months should look, feel and taste? Guess what… it’s also dairy- and gluten-free! Win-win… and win!
  5. Spooky Halloween Spider Cookies
    Not as creepy as you may think. In fact, they’re really quite sweet… even if they do have spider legs in them. Oh, relax. They aren’t real. But they are really good!
  6. Sweet Potato Gnocchi
    If you’ve never tried making gnocchi before, here’s a good reason to do it: They’re yummy!
    Plus, the color of the sweet potato gives them a warm, autumnal effect on your plate. And… this recipe is gluten-free!
  7. Autumn Pumpkin Spinach Salad Recipe
    Looking for something a little healthier? How about eating an actual pumpkin in your salad? Nothing spooky about that at all, and if you think of it as pie, you can consider it a bonus!
  8. Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Frosting Yes, we said “caramel”. These are a real treat if you love the deep, smoky scents and colors of the season. They probably melt in your mouth, too. Are your taste buds watering yet?
  9. Light Pumpkin Bread
    Pumpkin spice.
    ‘Tis the season. Imagine all the spicy, fragrant flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice dancing in your mouth. Take a bite. Enjoy. Repeat. And have as much as you like… ’cause it’s “light”!
  10. Apple Pie Cupcakes
    Just to make sure you heard that, we’ll repeat it: Apple. Pie. Cupcakes.
    Yes, please! So easy to whip up for a crowd, say… after a barn dance or hayride. Quick to grab. Quick to disappear! You’re welcome.

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