Here’s your chance to join in a super fun activity that’ll really get your family, and the entire neighborhood, in the spirit of Halloween!

All you have to do is print off this sheet from, or create your own, and set it on the front porch of a neighbor you don’t yet know (or want to surprise) along with a sweet treat or fall goody bag.

If you’ve already been BOOed, place the right side of the sheet (the side with the ghost) in your front window so neighbors will know you’ve accepted this BOO-tastic challenge. Then, choose 2 new neighbors (who don’t have the ghost in their window), surprise them with the same sheet, and a treat for them to enjoy!

It’s a simple way to get to know your neighbors, pay it forward with friendly tricks and treats, and bring smiles to current and future friends this fall! After you’ve been BOOed, keep the fun going with SpouseLink’s 10 fall recipe ideas for Military families!


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