Every year kids ask new questions about Santa and if he is real or not. Yes, Santa is real and here are some answers to common questions about Santa.

Kid’s question: How do you know which one is the real Santa when you see lots of Santas in shopping malls and around town?
The truth: Santa is very busy in November and December so he sends out a team of helpers. Sometimes it is the real Santa, but sometimes it’s a helper. Don’t worry though because the helpers report back to Santa with every child’s Christmas wish.

Kid’s question: How can he get around the world in just one night?
The truth: Santa is magical and can get to every child in just one night. If you want to track Santa and see how fast he can travel and see how he visits every child, then lets track him through Norad. Lets visit http://www.noradsanta.org/ and watch him as he gets to our house.

Kid’s question: What if I don’t have a chimney?
The truth: No worries if you don’t have a chimney. Santa is magic and can create a chimney anywhere he needs to. Santa will always find a way to deliver presents.

Kid’s question: Does Rudolph really eat all those carrots everyone leaves for him?
The truth: Yes, but not just Rudolph. Santa shares all the carrots with each reindeer. They need their energy and vegetables are a great power food.

Kid’s question: How come I don’t wake up when he comes into my room?
The truth: Santa is very quiet. To make sure he gets to every home in one night, he tries not to wake every child. If kids woke up when he arrives, then he would feel obligated to spend time and share the magic of Christmas. He wants to make sure every child gets a gift.

Kid’s question: Does Santa read all of the letters he receives? Will I get a reply?
The truth: Santa reads all of the letters he receives. In fact he gets so many letters that it is difficult to respond to each child. Santa does not have enough time to write everyone, but if you do receive a letter or note it is a very special Christmas surprise.

Do you know of any truths to Christmas questions? Leave a post below or tell us your story.


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