Although life feels non-stop when you have little ones, it’s still important to get that heart rate up each day! It’s possible to get fit and toned while caring for, and even including, your kids!  Here are a few ideas to get moving with your little ones of various ages:

Interval Training

If your little one is in a stroller, get your workout clothes ready for a neighborhood trot! The Couch-to-5K workout plan is a great piece of inspiration because the workout is broken up into manageable expectations, and you’re sure to get a great workout! Changing your distance and pace back and forth between walking and jogging will also keep the little one(s) entertained and stimulated. Using this method to get moving also works for taking your pet pup for a walk. The company keeps you motivated and focused on your day-to-day workout goals!

Dance Dance Dance!

Who doesn’t like to dance?! Toddlers through elementary school-aged children love to fidget and move; so why not take advantage of some fun bonding time and an opportunity to burn some calories! If it’s a rainy or cold day, this is a perfect way to get your kids moving, playing, sharing time with family and exercising as a family. You can add an extra element of fun by getting them dressed up in whatever costume they like, turn up the Radio Disney or Classic Disney songs and jump around with your kiddos.

Workout on the playground

Whether you’re taking your kids and their friends to the playground or park for the afternoon, meeting other parents at the playground for an afternoon of sun and fun or you just want to treat your kids to some play time for their good behavior, the playground is a great place for you to burn some calories. Do some bodyweight exercises while you watch your kids, bring your yoga mat for a 30 minute yoga routine that can be played from your iPad or keep it simple by getting involved with the kids. As you probably already know all too well, kids love to race; so, set up an obstacle course that you can show your kids how to complete before supervising and helping them go through it. Arrange a relay race.  You can even run laps around the play area while they’re playing.   How do you workout with your kids?

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