Stuck indoors? In the winter, dreary frozen rain, deep snowdrifts and everyone gathered together in the house all at once can make the hours you spend at home seem unending. Looking for something to do (other than taking a long winter’s nap)? Here are a few ideas to keep everyone’s hands, minds and time busy. Work on them together as group projects or learning experiences… or sneak off to a quiet corner by yourself to put your creativity into action. Either way, you’ll have something to show for all of your hours inside.

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Snowflake Wall Hanging

This craft proves that lacy, delicate white snow doesn’t have to be frozen to be beautiful. String a lovely little display of handmade snowflakes together and suspend them from a natural stick from your yard or a wooden dowel from your local craft store. Think how pretty it will look hanging on a door or wall.


DIY Snowflake Wall Hanging

Sock Snowman or Penguin

It doesn’t take much time, effort or talent to create this adorable no-sew winter décor. And it doesn’t really matter what color socks you have on hand to use. Colors and patterns will give your creation personality.

Homemade Snow

Not in the mood to pile on the layers to go out and play in the snow? But… the kids still want to play in it? Here’s a happy medium: snow you can make and play with indoors. Just a few pantry ingredients will bring it to life. No snow pants or mittens required.


DIY Snow

Sweater Hat

Whether you’re clearing out a closet or just want to repurpose a garment someone’s outgrown, you can put it to good use by making this totally easy-to-sew sweater hat. Cut out the shape. Sew up the seam. Done. Unless of course you want to embellish it with a fancy button or pin. Then you’re done.


DIY Sweater Hat

Coffee Cup Warmer

Want to keep your coffee, cocoa, tea or chai hot longer in cold temperatures? This little mug/cup warmer will do the trick. It’s like wrapping a little blanket around your drink. A few quick easy stitches will decorate it… or leave it plain, as is. It works either way.


Easy DIY Mug Warmer

Felt Kitties

Wouldn’t it be adorable to create a replica of your pet out of felt? Whether or not you have a cat, this is a great starting point for thinking about how to transform your beloved furry one into a cute mini masterpiece you can take with you wherever you go. Or, enlarge the pattern to make a true-to-size pillow for a bed. So cute!


DIY Felt Kitties

Paper Leaf Wreath

Imagine this wreath in glorious gold or sumptuous silver. Just choose a metallic paper to send this simple, elegant, modern wreath over the top with a hint of bling. Or, design it with quiet white paper for a snowy look, or soft green paper that looks like leaves. The choice is yours.


DIY Paper Leaf Wreath

What projects are you working on this winter? Let us know in the comments.

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