Why not take the preparation and organization skills learned in the military and put them to work when you’re preparing to transition into civilian life, and the civilian workforce?

As you well know, working toward goals in the Military takes time and dedication. This is also true when transitioning into the civilian workforce. You must educate yourself to develop goals, and to then meet those goals.

Take time to read up on networking and specific job areas that interest you. Practice your interviewing and resume writing skills.  Start as early as possible when training for this transition; knowledge is power and your hard work will pay off!

Talk to others around you and meet people who are where you want to be.  Talk to people who have already gone through the transition process.  Interview people who are in similar positions in which you’re looking to apply, and learn from people who have been through what you’re preparing to experience. Get feedback from your family and friends, because they have your best interests at heart.

Prioritize your goals in order to make the most of your future career and success.

Cesar’s tips within the video will illustrate some helpful ways to analyze and prioritize your goals and future success.

What transition resources have helped you and your family?

Cesar Nader is a Marine Corps veteran, leadership consultant and career coach with over 10 years of experience coaching and mentoring individuals, couples, teams and organizations to improve and realize their potential with practical and proven methods.

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