Buying a home. Saving for college. Retirement planning.

We all have financial goals, but often have no idea how to make them happen. For members of the military, too often these goals take a back seat to frequent deployments and PCS moves.

Service members and their families need a “financial roadmap” to chart out the best route to achieve financial goals. That’s where financial planning comes in.  Financial planning provides meaning and direction to your financial choices. By clearly identifying and prioritizing your personal financial goals, you can better understand how each financial decision impacts other areas of your family’s finances. Once you’ve built out the base plan that shows where you are today, you can begin to examine your “what-if” scenarios and decide what impact your future decisions might have on your long term financial success.

You may not always know what the future will hold, but with sound financial planning you can breathe easy knowing that—good or bad—you and your family are going to be able to weather the ups and downs.

Have questions? Visit AAFMAA to learn more.

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