If you’re busy moving around the world with your soldier, you’re probably not that concerned with starting and maintaining a garden, if the resources are even available at all.

For MilSpouses who hold down the fort at home, while your other half is deployed, there may be more opportunity to start a garden, but time and patience are still things to consider.

Think about indoor plants, many of which take a lot less maintenance and financial investment.  For example, let us bring the wonders of wheatgrass to your attention.

This resilient, fast growing plant has a huge number of health benefits, and it looks great as a decorative houseplant or even a table centerpiece.

Since it’s edible, you don’t have to worry about little ones of pets getting into it.  Many people drink wheatgrass juice before working out because it’s full of minerals.The juice can boost energy and your immune system, help blood flow and possibly ease allergies. It’s even a great source of amino acids.

Bring the outdoors inside with its bright green color, and it can even be grown without using dirt, which means it could also be a fun activity to grow with your kids.


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