This morning I had to get up literally at the “crack” of dawn to be on an early conference call. When I woke up at 4:50 am, about the last thing I wanted to do was get my butt out of bed.

Now I am a morning person, but 4:50 am is a little much even for me. So instead of my perky self, I was annoyed that I had to get up and be “on” so early. And then something incredible happened and my annoyance quickly disappeared. I opened the door to let the dog out and in front of me was the most incredible sunrise.

The colors were magical, all gold, yellow, and purple, with the wisp of feathery clouds…the moon was brilliant and “watching intently” as the day burst into being. I had to stop and catch my breath, it seemed as if the world was igniting to start something spectacular and I had better be ready.

In that moment it dawned on me that every day there is a sunrise with all its color and awe; every day is the start of something incredible. A sunrise marks the beginning; a chance to start fresh and “awaken” to new ideas, experiences and so much more.

Out of the darkness came a tiny light that over time burst into the sunshine of a new day. I knew in that moment that I want my life to be like that. I wanted to find inspiration in the miracles that happen in every small and big thing…you know the things that I am often to tired to notice.

This sunrise inspired me. Its beauty and mystery had me dreaming of all the possibilities that were before me. It gave me hope, and got me motivated to create a day that I can be proud of.

In general I think inspiration is something that all too often gets overlooked when we think of the tools that can help us create a better life. It is a great tool that we can use to help us move forward in our lives.

This sunrise was just the reminder I needed today to remind me to find and draw inspiration from the things I often miss throughout the day.

For me it was as simple as a sunrise…. so I ask what inspires you?


About the Author

Judy Davis, also known as The Direction Diva, is a motivational speaker, blogger, and author of Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down. She is an expert when it comes to helping Military Spouses move Beyond Logistics toward a better life.

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