Rarely do kids enjoy hitting the books for a fun-filled afternoon of math problems. Thanks to No Time for Flash Cards, teachers & parents can help kids really enjoy doing math….or should we say playing with math!

These games work best when played as a race competition with more than one child. The game as it’s set up right now is great for young children learning simple addiction and subtraction, but can be altered for other levels of math.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Water balloons
  • Basket or box to carry the balloons outside
  • Sharpie
  • Printed number targets (these will be the answers to your math questions) & hoola hoops ( Sidewalk chalk works great as well)

How to set up the game

  1. Set up your targets by placing your printed, written or chalk-drawn number in the center of the hoola hoop
  2. Fill balloons with water
  3. Write math equations on them with the Sharpie (check out your kids’ homework assignments to get a feel for the appropriate equations)
  4. Get ready, set, go! You’re the judge, helping the kids answer the question written on the balloon, the first to answer the question gets to throw it at the correct target.

Check out the whole game in photos.


What educational games do your kids enjoy?

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