Two Marines have made a 2,700 mile commitment to wounded veterans as they walk from Camp Pendleton to Washington D.C.  Their 4-month-long journey aims to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project (an organization helping injured servicemembers).

Chris Senopole and Adam Shatarsky started their trek on June 15, having already raised over $6,000 of their $10,000 goal for the WWP.  The Wounded Walk progress can be tracked online through Spot; updating their location every 10 minutes using personal a GPS system that they are both carrying. You can make a donation and see what the guys are up to along their journey on Facebook and Twitter.

They have received a lot of emotional and financial support, and hope the love keeps pouring in as the walk becomes more challenging. They carry with them the memories of friends who are now wounded warriors as a result of landmines in Afghanistan.  Raising money and awareness for a cause they hold near and dear will help them power through the trip, mile by mile, until they reach their destination: the Marine barracks at 8th and I.

We wish these kind souls a safe and successful journey!

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