Army Sgt. Kimberly Walker served two tours of duty in Iraq since 2006; she was a daughter, sister and lover of all things SpongeBob. After her body was found in a Colorado hotel room 8 months ago, the victim of a violent Valentine’s Day murder, her family wanted to honor her with the lighthearted character she loved.

Her family spent $26,000 on two giant SpongeBob monuments to be placed at her grave. The stone figures weigh over 7,000 pounds and stand nearly 7 feet tall. One of the monuments represents Kimberly, dressed in an Army uniform, and the second monument represents her living sister who serves in the Navy.

The cemetery initially allowed the installation of the monuments; but a day after they were erected, the president of the cemetery, Gary Freytag, stated that they weren’t appropriate for the traditional appeal of the cemetery. Freytag also stated that they are willing to reimburse the family for the monuments and pay for a more traditional headstone for Kimberly’s resting place.


What are your thoughts on the SpongeBob monuments?

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