Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about those Valentine’s Day care packages?! If your servicemember will be deployed or away for training on the most romantic day of the year, be sure to send some lovin’ their way with a fun care package!

Here are just a few ideas that the SpouseLink team has put together to give you some heartwarming inspiration to prepare and mail out the package of goodies in time.

1.   The way to a servicemember’s heart is through their stomach.

  • A care package just isn’t complete without some festive goodies; be sure to grab some of their favorite Valentine’s candy in addition to some snacks they miss while away from home. Keeping with the theme of the holiday, chocolate kisses are a good choice!
  • Also consider their career. Include some high-protein foods like nuts, protein bars and beef jerky.
  • You can even bake some goodies to send over for them to share.

2.   Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, get creative with some fun, flirty games and activities.

  • Send some photos of yourself, the two of you as a couple and your family.
  • Write a series of love letters to be opened at certain times (when they’re homesick, when they’re lonely, when they need to hear a funny story, when they’ve had a great day, etc.).
  • Spray your perfume on a little stuffed animal to include in the package.
  • Include a mason jar full of reasons why you fell in love with your service member.

3.   Don’t forget the rain check!

  • Just because they’re away doesn’t mean you can’t go on a make-up date when they return. Send a fun little invitation, rain check or IOU asking your service member out when they get home.  That way, you’ll both have something to look forward to!

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