It takes time to make new spaces feel like home, especially during PCS.  Make the transition easier by bringing sensory elements into your new home that will comfort your family. Introducing certain smells, colors and belongings can turn the foreign-feeling house into a safe haven for your family on your newest adventure.

The smell of a new house can make a new space feel cold and unwelcoming. Treat yourself and your family to some candles with relaxing scents like vanilla or lavender if you find yourself moving to a new place during the Summer. In the case of a Winter move, boil some mulling spices on the stove to warm up the place. Some MilSpouses also recommend baking muffins or cookies to fill the new space with welcoming scents (and tastes!).

Sure, your belongings will eventually arrive and fill the home with familiar belongings and creature comforts, but families often still feel like there is something missing soon after PCS. MilFams say that this feeling has to do with color and nostalgia. If the base housing allows you to paint, take advantage of this and bring some bright or warm colors into your home. If you’re not a big fan of painting, or it seems like a daunting task, just paint one wall. A single, feature wall of color will still do wonders!  If the base doesn’t allow you to paint the space, include other bursts of color like a new area rug or pillows for the sofa.

Be sure to put lots of pictures of friends and family around the house. You may be far away from them, but filling your home with great memories and your favorite people will encourage you to make the most of your family’s new situation. PCS is an adventure full of new opportunities and experiences that are unique to MilFams.

Home is where the military takes you, so take a little extra time to make a house into a home and welcome the transition into the newest chapter of your life.  These changes may sound small, but they really do make all the difference!

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