Let’s be honest, no matter how big of a fuss we make about cooking it, the turkey is rarely the highlight of the Thanksgiving table. We tend to go for the sweet, starchy sides and warm, savory sauces, instead. Still, turkey is the nonnegotiable centerpiece to the Thanksgiving dining table, but how about rethinking what that means? This year, try these 10 different turkey-shaped recipes for everything from breakfasts to appetizers to desserts so you can fill your poultry quota in a clever and scrumptious way.

1. Turkey Twisted Bread with Peppers, Spinach, and Parmesan

Flaunt your culinary prowess with this unexpected but irresistible stuffed appetizer. (From Caroline’s Cooking)

2. Turkey Veggie Tray

The veggie tray often gets overlooked for the other scrumptious Thanksgiving dishes, so turn yours into an eye-catching work of art. (From Eating Richly)

3. Turkey Guacamole Dip

Transform your favorite Cinco de Mayo snack into the highlight of Thanksgiving with a little styling. (From Fork & Beans)

4. Cheese Tray Turkey

Bring out the fall colors with this vibrant and savory platter. (From Also That’s It)

5. Oreo Turkeys

Get inventive with this grab-and-go treat by using seasonally flavored Oreos, like apple pie and pumpkin spice. (From Bellyfull)

6. Turkey Apple Tarts

Calling all wannabe pastry chefs: You’ll feel like a The Great British Baking Show champion with this recipe. (From The Washington Post)

7. Cinnamon Roll + Bacon Turkeys

Your guests won’t arrive until dinner, but, with a breakfast like this, there’s no reason you can’t begin to feast bright and early. (From Pillsbury)

8. Turkey Rice Krispie Treats

Kids will love to assemble these easy treats just as much as they’ll love eating them. (From Shugary Sweets)

9. Turkey Pancakes

Fuel up for a long day of cooking with these delightful flapjacks. (From Girl Versus Dough)

10. Turkey-Shaped Turkey Sandwich

What could be better than Thanksgiving dinner? All the leftovers you can to reinvent the next day. (From Arts & Crackers)

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