If there’s anything that really marks the beginning of the holiday season — one single thing that brings in the holiday cheer like nothing else — it has got to be the Christmas tree. Whether you choose to go with nothing more than the traditional tinsel or dress it up from head to toe with lights and ornaments, for one brief month (or maybe more) the Christmas tree becomes the focal point of the home. The unmistakable scent of pine that hits your nose as you walk by lets you know: It’s Christmastime.

Getting a tree is one thing. It puts that holiday pep in your step and twinkle in your eye. But giving a Christmas tree, now that’s something else entirely. Something that the great people at Trees for Troops have been doing for the past thirteen years. And nothing is going to stop them from a great 14th year of giving in 2018.

Their mission is succinctly summed up in their mission statement: “Delivering the spirit of Christmas to military families – one Christmas Tree at a time.” And with the uncertainty that comes with being a Military family, is there anyone that deserves a little extra holiday spirit? Last year, Trees for Troops helped deliver 17,650 trees to U.S. and international Military bases. Over the past 13 years, they’ve delivered a whopping 208,720. Even Sana is jealous of those delivery numbers.

If you want to help out Trees for Troops, there’s plenty you can do. Donations are always welcome, and if giving money isn’t quite your style, you can donate a tree! Donate whatever you’d like right from your phone, computer, or laptop here. Or, visit a participating Trees for Troops location to buy a Christmas tree for yourself AND for a Military family November 30-December 2. For more info and a full list of participating Trees for Troops locations, check out their website.

And for those of you living on base, keep your eyes out for Trees for Troops when they come to your neck of the woods. They’ll be visiting more than 65 military bases starting on November 27, 2018, and delivering all the way through December 7, 2018. Give your family plenty of time to prepare and check out the tree delivery schedule here.


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