In April 2012, while on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, SSG Travis Mills was hit by an IED bomb, causing severe injuries that would render him a quadruple amputee. His last conscious thought after the bomb detonated was about his daughter. A year after the incident, Mills has made recovery his new mission. He has fought back against his injuries and learned to use his prosthetic limbs in order to life a full life with his family.

What led to the documentary?

Fotolanthropy was created by Katie Norris, a professional photographer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, as a way to give back to others through photography. “Travis: A Soldier’s Story” was produced by Fotolanthropy, created by volunteer cinematographers and funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Travis mills inspires audiences by overcoming one of the most horrific situations an individual could experience. His strength and determination are inspiring. We look forward to the release of the full-length documentary. Until then, if you’d like to get involved in Fotolanthropy, send them an email at [email protected].

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