Winter plants in your garden will add a special touch of brightness that will last all season long. Many plants thrive in the cold snow or frost and will keep their beautiful bright colors. Some plants will even live while being covered in icicles and a layer of ice. What makes these winter plants so special is the warmth they bring as you see them everyday from your window or while coming home from work.

Before planting your winter plants or garden, check to see which will thrive in your local climate by going on the internet and seeing which plants are the best option for you.

Here is a list of the top 5 winter plants:


This evergreen is the most popular of all the winter plants and it blooms from the fall season to the early spring. It has bright rose-colored flowers that contrast against a fresh fallen snow. Plant this evergreen in a place that is protected from strong winds.


The name says it all. This holly like plant loses its leaves in the fall and its red berries remain. The deep red berries brighten any landscape. These plants are beautiful, but there are many downsides. The first is that birds love the berries and will feast on them all winter long. The second is that they are a lot of work to maintain. You will have to transplant them from the ground in the fall and winter to a potted plant in the spring and the summer. You will have to do this for at this two to three years to yield the best appearance. The payoff is amazing, but they are not the easiest to maintain.

Red Twig Dogwood

The beauty of this plant is its striking red stems. When combined with evergreens it makes a festive holiday decoration. The color of the plant remains all year, but the leaves that grow during spring and summer will cover its best asset. To see the beauty all year, just trim back the leaves.


This hardy perennial is beautiful all year round with clusters of white flowers and bright glossy green leaves. The plant also has either orange or yellow berries that last all year long. The variety of color makes this a great plant to pair with other perennials.



Holly has always been associated with Christmas and the holidays. Heck, there are even songs written about them that we sing during the holiday season every year. Its bright berries and thick foliage ensure that this is one plant that always catches the eye. You can also cut these plants and bring them inside for a warm seasonal decoration.

Do you have any perennials that you plant? Let us know by writing a post or tell us your story.

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