Angry Birds and Words with Friends aren’t the only apps out there. Although many apps are silly, fun, or plain useless, there are apps that can help with serious issues like PTS and PTSD. These emotional effects can arise anywhere at anytime. These apps may be helpful to have in your pocket. Are there any apps that you use that support you mentally and emotionally?

Operation Reach Out

This app is part of Military Community Awareness-Digital’s (MCA-D) effort to provide timely and effective support and guidance for Military families. The app encourages Veterans and Soldiers to reach out for help when they are having suicidal thoughts and helps concerned loved ones.


PTSD Coach

Together with professional medical treatment, PTSD Coach provides dependable resources you can trust. If you have, or think you might have PTS or PTSD, this app is for you. The app also supports family and friends.


PTSD Support

This app is focused on providing support to Military Veterans and their families that are struggling with the effects of PTSD.


T2 Mood Tracker

This app allows you to  self-monitor, track and reference your emotional experience over a period of days, weeks and months using a visual analogue rating scale. The app helps monitor emotional experiences  like PTS, brain injury, life stress, depression and anxiety.


Guard Your Buddy

Guard Your Buddy was developed for members of the Tennessee National Guard and their families. It provides critical life resources, on-demand counseling, and on-call suicide prevention. Guard Your Buddy is a joint effort by the Tennessee National Guard, The Jason Foundation, Inc., and E4 Health.

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