We’re falling in love with autumn’s deep and moody makeup trends. They’re a far cry from spring’s sunny styles, but — with captivating eyes and sultry lips — they’re a welcome change. You’ll have to try at least one of them for this year’s Military ball or the holidays! Below are the top 5 looks we’re excited to rock this season.

1. Chocolate Kisses


There’s no denying that the ’90s are back in style, which means brown lips are a must-have this fall. The best part? All it takes to be on-trend is a swipe of your favorite cocoa-colored lipstick.

2. Feathery Lashes

Look wide-awake all the way through the afternoon slump by applying full, false lashes to your top lash line that create a framing effect to make your eyes look bigger. Just be sure makeup simple and neutral to keep the look both modern and daytime appropriate.

3. Metallic Eyes

Need to look ultra-glam at a moment’s notice? No problem. Simply pack a rich, metallic eyeshadow all over your lid and sweep in onto your lower lash line, too. A coat of mascara and swipe of black eyeliner will make your shadow pop and your look ultra-luxe.

4. Blushing Bronze

Color outside the makeup lines by repurposing one of your tried and true products. Rather than warming up your face with blush, pop a warm shade bronzer on the apples of your cheeks for a unique glow that will keep you looking suntanned all the way into November.

5. Graphic Liner

Let your inner artist show with your unique take on winged liner. Forgo the classic flick for bold triangles, outlined lids, or feline-like stripes. Use a liquid eyeliner to keep your design from smudging throughout the day.

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