Toby Keith has passionately supported our U.S. Military, completing more than 10 USO tours and performing more than 200 shows overseas. Although he is proud to honor our warriors overseas, he goes the extra mile for those returning home. While performing at a concert in Houston earlier this month, Toby invited the unsuspecting wife of a solider stationed in Afghanistan to join him on stage while he sang “American Soldier.” As the song ended, her spouse surprised her by coming on stage. She had no idea he had come home. “She didn’t know he was coming in tonight,” the singer explained, while the couple shared several passionate kisses. “My beautiful crew told me before the show tonight that the girl sitting over here … her husband’s coming home tonight and she has no idea. So I want to pick her out. Welcome home, Major Cruz. Thank you for your service. Godspeed.” The country music superstar then launched into a rousing version of “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” with several other concert attendees joining him on stage, before finishing the song by saying, “Never apologize for being patriotic.” Toby hopes to continue his relationship with the USO, supporting those serving our country overseas, for a very long time. “I’ve met so many great, brave service men and women over the years and had so many wonderful experiences, that I can barely remember them all,” he explains. “One thing is for sure: I enjoy working with the USO, I love our nation’s troops, and I won’t ever stop doing my part to extend my thanks.”

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