The following 6 tips are both flexible and focused. They apply to so many different emotions and situations that you might experience as a Military Spouse while your service member is deployed. No matter how long you’ve been a MilSpouse, Suzanne‘s tips will help you though the tough times and encourage you to grow in so many ways by the time they return!

Set goals for yourself

If you’ve been putting something, deployment is the perfect time to put your nose to the grindstone and get things done. Finish half-completed projects, find something new to keep you focused and try to keep a routine during deployment.

Be prepared

If you’re not already familiar with managing your family’s finances by yourself, about 2 months before a deployment, begin paying all of your family’s bills by yourself. This way, if any questions or concerns pop up, your spouse is still available to help you out. Becoming self-reliant is very important prior to a deployment. Be sure to attend any pre-deployment activities that your service member’s unit puts on. If you’re not a new MilSpouse, a little refresher never hurts! Make sure you know how to get around base just in case you need to find a specific resource. Know your contacts and how to get around. Also make sure you know basic maintenance around your house and who to contact should something break.

Stay strong

Look at deployment as an empowering time. Learn to become independent and self-reliant. Find activities that make you happy and go for it. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate you and share your ethics, beliefs and outlook on life. Make sure to protect your own well-being. It’s always great to be a supportive friend, but don’t let people drag you down.

Keep your spouse informed while they’re away

Make sure to write letters to your service member with plenty of photos to make them feel included in life back home (you can always include a few risqué pics as well *wink wink*). Don’t worry them with any negativity going on unless they absolutely need to know.

Keep Busy

Whatever that may mean to you. Look for a new job. Volunteer in the community. Start taking some classes. Join groups in your community. Take up a new hobby. No matter how you choose to stay busy, make sure you get out of the house every day. Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors, even if it’s just for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Allow yourself to have a bad day every now and then. Get it out of your system. Don’t stay so busy that you’re bottling up your emotions. Give yourself some time to miss your spouse, but don’t fall into a pity party. Cross the emotional bridge, put on those big girl panties and pick up where you left off a few minutes ago as a strong, independent woman!

Encourage your spouse

Listen and support your spouse. Remember, you are their positivity in this world! Make sure they know you’ve got their back no matter what!

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