If you are a new parent and you are reading this than congratulations on your new baby! Welcome to the joys of parenthood. If you are reading this then you also have questions about dressing your baby for winter. The first thing you need to know is if your child is cold or not. This might sound like a silly statement, but new parents often overdress their child and that could be a danger.

One way to determine if your baby is warm enough is to touch their toes and belly as soon as you come in from the cold. You will want their toes to be on the cool side, but not cold, and their belly should be warm to the touch. A baby with warm toes and a warm belly is overdressed and you may need to shed some of those layers. A cool belly means your baby is not able to warm herself and needs another layer and fast.

Here are some more tips for dressing baby for winter.


Add a layer

A good rule of thumb for dressing your baby is to see how you are dressed, then add a layer. Meaning, if you are wearing pants and a sweater, then add an under layer or swaddle your little one in a blanket to add a layer.


Layer their clothes

If you are staying inside with your baby, then lots of layers are a safe bet. If your child gets too hot, then just shed a layer. Start with a bodysuit or onesie and add a top layer such as a fleece one-piece with feet. If you’re opting for pants and a top, socks are necessary to keep those tiny toes warm and toasty.


Sleep safely

It is important that you never lay blankets on your child, whether tight or loose. Laying blankets increases the chances of SIDs and could be very harmful to your baby. Here again you’ll want to do a few layers: a bodysuit with footed PJs, and depending on the temperature of the room, a sleepsack or a cotton swaddling blanket. Always check your little one’s neck to make sure they are not too warm. If they are sweaty, that’s a bad thing.


Never under straps

You should never use puffy coats and snowsuits as they can make car seat straps too loose, which is a major safety hazard. Snug blankets around your baby after they are buckled into their car seat, not before.


Keep feet, heads, and toes covered

It is very important to know that everyone looses heat from their head and limbs. Your baby is no different. Make sure that their little feet, hands, and head are covered.


If you have any tips or tricks on how to keep kids warm during the winter, then leave a post or tell us your story.

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