If your family is currently deployed or preparing for an upcoming deployment,”The Moving Book: A Kids’ Survival Guide” is an excellent way to turn a strange new location into an adventure for your child. Written by Gabriel Davis and illustrated by Sue Dennen, the book offers activities to keep your kids entertained throughout the moving process. The book also offers advice to help ease the transition and make your new location into a home.

This book also acts as a journal or diary though which your child can record his or her thoughts about the relocation. A section of the book also acts as a scrapbook so that your child can keep up with the fun activities and souvenirs they collect along the way.

There is an emphasis on staying in touch with friends and family with the inclusion of change-of-address postcards!  There is also an address book section to collect contact information from family and friends.

“The Moving Book” even has some helpful advice for parents including tips and moving-related books.

What resources have helped your children during a move or deployment?

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