We’re all about people who want to help people – without the desire for something in return.

Former Navy SEAL Cmdr. Eric Greitens is one of these selfless people.  He has made it his mission to provide support and guidance to veterans returning to the U.S. through his creation of The Mission Continues.

The purpose of this organization is to confirm the fact that veterans are very much needed when they return from active duty.  Through hard work, a sense of community and trust, participants transition back into American society with other veterans in the same situation. The sense of togetherness and military unity not only helps vets adjust, it is also intended to be a part of the healing process for those trying to overcome PTSD.

Those returning to the U.S.A. with their lives are given the opportunity to focus on projects within their own community that truly interest and motivate them, working side-by-side with civilians, in addition to veterans. The fellowship programs are organized to build confidence in vets and to motivate them to take on leadership positions in which they can put skills and experience to good use in the civilian world.

Since The Mission Continues got started in 2007, it has led fellowships in 44 states!

To learn more, apply for a fellowship or donate to this amazing organization, visit missioncontinues.org.


What are some organizations you’d recommend to veterans?

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