Brown Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the pre-Christmas shopping extravaganza seems to be growing.  With the retail market-driven shopping craze quickly approaching, let’s take a look at when the best deals are taking place, and some resources to help you get the best bang for your buck!

Electronics are always a hot topic this time of year; but is it cheaper to buy them on Black Friday or Cyber Monday – in-store or online?

The deals will be similar from Friday to Monday. The earlier, the better is the main rule to live by because they’re sure to sell out fast!

Top Deals

Another great piece of advice is to check the prices a few days in advance. Sometimes the deals aren’t worth the trouble…and sometimes they’re not even deals at all (just misleading marketing campaigns).

Depending on your cell phone carrier and needs, Black Friday is a great time to pick up a new phone and contract. Keep an eye out for a deal that’s right for you and your family.

There are also apps available to help you find the deal you’ve been waiting for:

Slickdeals Black Friday

An app dedicated to finding the best Black Friday deals – including special coupons and customer discussions to let you know when and where to buy.


Shares deals going on at stores in your area so you won’t miss any local Black Friday super sales.

Coupon Sherpa

A mobile coupon app to help you find deals upon deals no matter what you’re looking to buy!


Now go forth and make responsible Black Friday buying decisions! Just don’t forget to set budget limits so you don’t go too crazy.


What are some other great Black Friday deals you’ve found?

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