G.I. Joe’s first Alive Day is quickly approaching. Less than one month from now it will officially have been one whole year of Wounded Warrior life.

Today was also the one voting day for round 1 of Military Spouse of the Year.

Its funny because before I never would have thought I’d be involved in something like this. Today on voting day I’m looking a lot like I did on the day that catapulted my life in this direction. That day I got the phone call I was so disheveled. I was notified in the morning so I had no strength or motivation to do much at all after that.

In light of these things I wanted to share something with you all that I’ve been holding near and dear to my heart for 11 months and 3 days. Its the email I received from him just hours before he was wounded. Our communication was scarce like always but I had emailed him an early birthday card (his birthday is the same day he was wounded) and he happened to get a brief chance to look at it.

Hey babydoll, thank you for the beautiful birthday card!  I have much to do but the Lord will be here to guide me and help me. You have no idea what your simple words of wisdom do for me here. Sometimes I get caught up in the hustle of the workday and lose track of some of the important aspects of my life. You keep me grounded in my faith. I love you and miss you so much. Please be careful out in the snow and make sure Lucy has a great time. I love you.

I clung to every word and reread this email countless times over the next week until I was able to be with him again. Its amazing how much life changed when that rocket was shot yet…when I read this email and really think about what we’re doing now…it wasn’t that life took a different direction. It did change from what we thought was meant for us. But really…it launched us in the right direction. It was necessary to guide us to where we are now. I think that’s also why even though I’ve cried many tears, even lately, I don’t feel angry or jaded by the world. Its more the opposite honestly.

Judd Apatow, We Love You!

And this other little bit is really cool. I have to brag some but mostly on someone else. I reached out to Judd Apatow because we are HUGE fans of everything he makes. His movies are all our favorites and we love to watch them when we are happy or when we need a pick me up because life has gotten so serious. I told Judd (not knowing if he would even see my message) that G.I. Joe’s Alive Day was coming up and would he just consider sending an autographed picture. He responded right away! I was floored to find out he was responding while getting ready for the Golden Globes!!! And before the awards were over I heard from someone who works for his production company saying “Judd would love to send something to celebrate your husband’s Alive Day.” Just days later a BIG box arrived. I couldn’t make him wait a month. He read the name on the return address and just went into shock. Haha he kept calling me a liar thinking I was tricking him. So Judd had sent him lots of goodies from some of our favs. He grinned from ear to ear forever after that.

How cool to have your favorite film maker ever send you a personal present like that?! Judd has such an amazing heart. He went above and beyond. G.I. Joe is going to send him a thank you letter and one of his patches this week. Not a lot of celebs would do something like that when they don’t get big publicity for it. So yeah. We heart Judd :


Jacqueline Goodrich is the wife of a Wounded Warrior, mother, blogger, and dedicated coffee lover. She lives by the motto: “We don’t know what the future holds but we will hold each other throughout and that’s all that matters to us.”

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