Whether you’re having  a tough start to the week, trying to overcome the cold weather, or just in an overall funk, animal cams are a great diversion that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Your little ones will love what they see as well. But be careful, you may be persuaded to adopt a fur baby into your family!

Panda Cam

The Smithsonian’s Giant Panda Cam is one of the most popular animal cams around. The watchful eye of the Panda Cam was turned off during the 2013 government shutdown – but thankfully it’s back up and running, along side the cuddly pandas it follows!

Kitten Cam

Animal Planet’s Kitten Cam focuses on the playful kittens cared for by The Washington Animal Rescue League. Follow all the fun; from nap time to play time, the kittens are here for your adorable viewing pleasure.

Puppy Cams

If you’re more of a puppy-loving kind of person, don’t worry; the Animal Rescue League and Animal Planet also have a puppy cam!  Check out the pups in all their cuteness. (You can also donate to the Animal Rescue League to help support the animals, or you can adopt one of the famous fur babies to join your family!) Love Shiba Inus? Ustream has a puppy cam dedicated to this fluffy and playful breed. These little guys are always on the move, playing with each other and their abundance of toys.

Penguin Cam

Sea World’s Penguin Cam allows you to see all of the waddling cuteness anytime. Zoos and pet shops across the country have animal cameras set up for the sole purpose of melting hearts through the internet. Is it working? You tell us!

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