Spring’s just around the corner, and you’ve probably started craving that warm, sunny ice cream weather. Unfortunately, for most people around the United States, it’s still a bit too chilly to get out your bathing suits and umbrella-topped drinks. But don’t worry; here’s an excuse to eat some ice cream for the sake of your health… The sun is a major source of vitamin D during the summertime. But how can you get enough of this important vitamin when you’re still in hibernation mode? That’s where the milkshake comes in! Milk is a great source of vitamin D; so are fish, eggs and mushrooms, but those wouldn’t make tasty additions to any milkshake I’ve ever heard of, so let’s just stick to milk! You don’t have to rely on a supplemental pill to work this sunny vitamin into your diet. Enjoy a chocolaty cheat treat every once in a while. When you’re trying to behave and eat a healthy diet, try smoothies. Blending a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a cup of vitamin D-packed milk will create a particularly tasty treat that’s full of vitamins!   What are some of your favorite foods and recipes? 

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