The Comfort Crew for Military Kids (CCMK) is a non-profit organization that supports thousands of military kids each year through programs and advocacy events designed to strengthen their social and emotional resilience. Founded in 2007, The Comfort Crew creates a world where kids feel supported while managing the challenges of today’s military life including deployment, reintegration, moving, visible and invisible injuries and grief. Military families can request support materials through the CCMK online Military Families Portal and are given immediate access to age appropriate materials. Currently, CCMK has three unique programs with Comfort Kits designed to support military children and their families through the various stages of deployment and challenges of military life. The Bringing Families Back Together Program was developed with two kits to address the common issues children six and up experience when a family member is deployed and then returns home.  The Wounded Warriors Program supports families and children who are experiencing a loved one’s return from deployment with visible and/or invisible injuries. In addition, CCMK created the Memory Box: Helping Military Kids Handle Loss, to help military families cope with death and loss. To learn more about The Comfort Crew and information on how to request CCMK resources please visit

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