If you’re a MilSpouse who works from home, away from home or as a stay-at-home parent, the 90-minute work cycle technique is a great way to regain focus, stay on task and make the most of whatever you’re trying to accomplish in your day-to-day life.

Here’s how it works

Focus your attention on one task for 90 minutes. Then, take 30 minutes to take a break or work on a smaller project, fit a workout in or to tie up loose ends on other projects. Come back and take another 90 minutes to work on a completely different task. Take another 30 minute block to focus on smaller projects or grab a quick lunch. You get the gist of how this works. Throw yourself into a project for a distraction-free block of time so you’ll make real headway. Break up your day with smaller blocks of time to get other things done that don’t require that much time. Budgeting time is like budgeting money. You’ll get a lot further if you’ve mapped out your plan strategically. Get more information about making the most of your time.

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