Minnesota National Guard Lt. Col. Mark Weber opened many eyes and hearts to a topic most people prefer not to confront head on: the topic of death. Beginning his Military career in 1985 as a JROTC cadet in high school, Weber had enlisted as a Military Police Soldier by 1989. After serving for 16 years in the U.S. Army, he transitioned full-time to the Minnesota National Guard. In July 2010, the Lt. Col. was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. “Tell My Sons” is a book of 9 long letters he wrote to his 3 sons full of advice, love and words of wisdom. The book has inspired a wide range of individuals, from young college students to high-ranking Military personnel.  An inspiring work of humanity, Weber’s writing puts many aspects of life into perspective, encouraging all of us to be the best people we can be. Be inspired by Lt. Col. Mark Weber’s bravery, compassion and insight.

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