By: Jeanne Sager

The Stir

Attention members of the military who go online to pick on their brothers in arms. Consider this your notice. Kailyn Lowry is watching you!

The Teen Mom 2 star married Javi Marroquin on the last season of the show just as he was enlisting in the Air Force. Since then she’s become a proud military spouse, and really started paying attention to what is said on the Internets about members of our armed forces.

And what she sees, well, it makes Kail mad!

The reality star took to Twitter this week to denounce the bullies who exist within the armed forces (check out the Tweet above).

She’s got a point. Whatever happened to Aim High, fellas? They should be above hurting one another.

Really we all should be above cyberbullying. It would be a nicer world if no one had to worry about logging onto their Twitter or YouTube accounts to see some of the daily detritus of the Internet.

But Kailyn is a reality star who is pretty used to the crap that’s thrown at her on a daily basis and tends to be good at rising above it. Yet she made a point to call this out, and I can see why.

Among any group, you’re always going to have bad seeds who have nothing better to do than drag the whole group down. But critics of our nation’s military spend enough time deriding the job that these men and women do in service of country. Do they really need people on the inside doing the job for them? Tearing each other down?

Some folks commented back to Kail that this is just the way things go in the military, but the Teen Mom said she’s going to screenshot it and report it when she sees it.

How about you? Would you go so far as to report these people or is Kailyn over-reaching?

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