Teaching English abroad is a great way to maintain a career or steady-working lifestyle when PCS is a constant possibility. Different countries and schools have different requirements, but many countries around the world want American English teachers. In countries like Turkey, China and Japan, English teachers are in high demand. As long as you hold a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification, you will become a hot commodity in the education industry.

Many European countries, and the U.S., require degrees in education or require varied teaching certifications. If you’re interested in furthering your education, certificates and degrees in ESL and education may be a beneficial plan.

Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certifications aren’t required in every school, but they are a great resource to have under your belt, especially if you don’t have previous teaching experience. TEFL certifications are offered in classroom environments and through online programs. Online programs are more popular because they can be completed at your own pace and for a fraction of the cost. Check out ITTT International TEFL and TESOL training. Their programs are super affordable and reliable, and give you a confident foundation to teach non-native speakers the English language.

Once your family is settled in your new home, and you’ve completed your TEFL certification, you have to find an actual teaching position.  Dave’s ESL Cafe is a great place to start looking  for your perfect teaching spot.  This resource has been around for years, linking educational institutions with potential teachers. Whether you’re looking to teach in China or  Kuwait, first-graders or university students, the ESL Cafe posts jobs and specifies what is required for each position. Contact potential employers directly and get started finding a lucrative career teaching internationally!

What portable careers do you recommend?

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