What’s something you’ve been thinking about recently, or for a while now? What’s keeping you from following through? Money? Time? It’s out of your comfort zone?

It’s time to embrace that yolo (you only live once) way of life when it comes to following through with those things you really want!

Want to quit smoking? Get ready mentally and start weaning yourself off; or quit cold turkey, with the help of patches or gum to ensure your success. Stick with it!

Want to run the New York Marathon? Strategize your training plan, and start training today! Consider Couch to 5K as your starting point. It’s an established training plan that has transformed the lives of many people. From there, you’ll have enough experience to know how quickly your body reacts to increased distances and running times. You’ll be crossing that finish line in no time!

Want to visit the Eiffel Tower? Start saving those pennies. Decide when you’d like to take your service member to Paris and create a savings plan that allows you to save the money you’ll need to plan that perfect trip.

Want to go sky diving? Again, save those pennies, book your adventure and make. it. happen!

Life’s too short to continuously put things off that you really want to happen. Maybe you don’t really neeeeed some of these things, but if you’ve been dreaming of something, do it while you have the chance.  If you’re waiting for plenty of money and time, you’ll have to keep waiting until…forever. Strategically save the money, make time, and take in as many experiences as possible. Go for it!

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