Taking a vacation is easier said than done! Accumulating enough vacation time from work, saving enough money, deciding whether or not to take the kids, finding childcare if you decide not to….and the list goes on.

If you’re saving up to reach a long-term goal like buying a house, or that boat you’ve wanted since you were little, then skipping off to Italy for 2 weeks will more than likely push you further from your goal than you’d like. Booking hotels and flights, renting a car, eating in restaurants for every meal…it all adds up very quickly. Finding a time when you and your spouse are available to run away for a week or more is another big challenge.

Make life simple, affordable and convenient with a staycation! Find something within a 1-2 hour drive that no one in your family has done before, or something you’ve been wanting to do again for a long time. Leave your phones, tablets, computers and all other tech ties to your day-to-day life behind and start relaxing!

Here are a few staycation ideas if you’re bringing the kids along

  • Check out something educational – Visit your local zoo or aquarium to check out something your whole family can enjoy while providing an educational experience for the kiddos. If you live near a historical site, or natural park, take advantage of your location and explore history and nature, soaking up the sun and the knowledge!
  • Go to a sporting event – Take in some classic American culture with a baseball game. Even if you don’t love baseball, you’ll be able to lounge in a comfy chair, eat, drink and be merry with your favorite people on Earth! If baseball isn’t your family’s thing, book tickets to go see a ballet. You could also challenge your family to a mini golf tournament!
  • Camp in your backyard – Set up the tent, get out the grill, stock up on s’mores ingredients, and start plotting a treasure hunt. ‘Roughing it’ in the backyard for a night or two will really bring your family together with fun games, campfire (or grill) stories, food and fun! Show your kids a few constellations, tell them about your childhood and forget counting calories for once…grab another s’more!

Here are a few ideas if you’re looking for a romantic staycation

  • Couples spa day – Sure, you may have gotten a massage before. You’ve probably had a facial. Try taking a couples spa day to the next level. Go all out with the rose pedals and champagne package. Get the couples massage, relax in the sauna and then once your day of pampering is done, go out to a nice restaurant for a decadent and romantic dinner for two.
  • Get outside – Find someone to watch the kids for a day. Take a hike with your spouse; or, try something new like paddleboarding, white water rafting or finding a local winery that you’ve been wanting to check out (some winery’s even allow you to picnic in the vineyard as long as you buy your picnic drinks from them beforehand).
  • Explore your own town – Visit local hotspots that are intended for and frequented by tourists. Get a different perspective of your town! Take a walking tour, and look into local ghost tours – those are always a good time!


Have you ever taken a staycation? What did you do?

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