If there’s a servicemember in your life who is struggling with PTSD, TBI, stress, anxiety or depression, the T2 Mood Tracker is an excellent resource to help them get started on the road to recovery.

We’ve mentioned this app in the past on SpouseLink.org and feel that it’s such a great resource that we thought it deserved to be highlighted in an individual post.

The app allows users to monitor emotional health by recording and reviewing behavioral patterns after deployments.

Specific feelings like stress and anxiety, sudden mood changes and long-periods of depression can be tracked. Results are then illustrated in a graph or spreadsheet and can be emailed to yourself so that they can be shared with a doctor or other support system.

Measure your mental and emotional well-being on 6 scales that are easy to use and free to download. For more information or to download the app, check it out on iTunes.


What PTSD or post-deployment resources has your servicemember used?

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