There are so many great themes and care package ideas to send to your deployed servicemember. Foods that remind them of home, supplies that attempt to mimic the comforts of home and other products to bring a hint of home wherever they are in the world. This is a great approach, but nostalgia isn’t the only way to bring care package joy to your spouse.

A theme encouraging your spouse to get out and have some mindless fun might be a nice change of pace. Here are a few items that might be fun for your servicemember and buddies:

And what care package is complete without some snacks!?!

  • Trail Mix
  • Powdered Gatorade
  • Beef jerky
  • Potato chip variety packs
  • Cereal variety packs
  • Homemade goodies

You’re sure to hear good things about his package! Let us know how it goes over!

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