Summer is in full swing! Summer camps, waterparks, vacations, day trips and giving the kids cash to go out and have fun with friends adds up all too quickly! Heather from Passion for Savings has some great advice to help your family save a few bucks here and there this summer.

Eat at Home

Eating at home is a much cheaper option than eating at a restaurant or even fast food in many cases. It’s also much healthier! When you’re planning a day out with the kids, make sure to pack their lunch and pack your own. Be sure to prepare a few extra snacks too.

Bring the Party to You

Create your own staycation by inviting friends and family over to your house to stay. Have a cookout at your house, take everyone to the pool, get a game of softball together, play a round of golf, and all kinds of other fun activities with folks you don’t see everyday! This way, you’ll save on gas, hotels and food, while stepping out of your normal schedule.

Don’t Underestimate the Library

Treat the library as a treat. Peel the kids away from the video games every few days to go on a new adventure to the local library. You’ll be able to encourage your kids to take an interest in books and prepare them for the upcoming school year. Libraries also have DVDs you can take advantage of for movie nights and rainy days.

Plan a Water Day

Remember playing in your back yard as a kid? It was super fun and exciting, wasn’t it!? Re-create that fun with your kids. Get out the sprinkler, pick up some bubbles and water balloons from the dollar store and don’t forget the popsicles. Those are the only ingredients you’ll need to create a fun-filled adventure for your kids and their friends.

Take a Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Bring the kids along to help you pick out your produce!

Free Bowling for Kids

Register at to get regular free games for your child. All you’ll have to pay for is shoe rental.

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