“Stories Around the Table” is a collection of short stories from over 40 writers within the Military community.  Within the book, Military Spouses, service members and their families gather to share stories that characterize their Military life experiences.

Stories range from humorous to heartbreaking; Military Families from all ranks and locations around the country and the globe share their perspectives on deployment, PCSing, marriage, parenting, spouse careers, PTSD, faith, grief and the tightknit Military community.

Whether you’re new to the Military way of life, or you’re a veteran service member or spouse, the stories within this book are sure to resonate with you. The candid honesty of these personal stories will offer inspiration to help you through the most challenging of situations and allow you to look back on other experiences you’ve been through and make you laugh.

Check it out for yourself and let us know in the comments section below which is your favorite!

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