As the youngest women on the planet to become a self-made billionaire, pay close attention to her business advice if you’re thinking about starting your own business. She came up with the idea for what would become the Spanx empire when she was unhappy with something most women can’t stand: that annoying toe seam in pantyhose. Sounds super simple, right? Well, that tiny idea launched a revolutionary company. No idea is too small. Be smart and cautious when developing your ideas. Her principles and advice can be carried over to online and work-from-home business models in addition to brick-and-morter business ventures. Focus on the details and recruit people and resources that are going to bring your goals to life. She’s a truly inspirational entrepreneur and businesswoman. We hope she’s inspired you to get to work and make your career and business dreams come true!   Share your entrepreneurial story with us! What advice has inspired you?

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