The U.S. Army and Ricky Schroder have teamed up to create an unscripted 10-week promotional series portraying life in the Army. The primary aim of “Starting Strong” is to educate potential Army recruits about military life and military occupational specialties (MOS).  New recruits and civilians thinking about joining the Army take you through their journey filled with challenges and victories of the experience.  Following Soldiers through day-to-day life and Army culture may help 18-24 year old potential recruits decide whether or not life in the Army would suit their needs and goals. This first-of-its-kind reality series provides another medium for the army to appeal to future Soldiers. “Starting Strong” is also an appealing series for MilSpouses to see what their spouses went through while thinking of joining and how far they’ve come. It’s an educational resource and a great conversation starter for friends and family to share their journey. Join the Army as it opens its doors and invites you in for 30 minutes each week. Be sure to check out the premiere on June 2 on select Fox affiliates throughout the country.

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