As a new hiring strategy, Starbucks aims to boost its workforce while helping military veterans transition into civilian work opportunities. Over the next 5 years, the coffee giant will hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses.

Servicemembers are trained to be dedicated leaders, and as more and more are entering civilian life, they’re having trouble finding valuable jobs and careers that take their skills and experiences into account.

CEO, Howard Schultz feels that this campaign will add value to both Starbucks and individual veterans and Military Spouses who join the Starbucks team.

Starbucks also plans to open 5 shops on or near joint base locations. Part of the profits earned at these locations will go to non-profit programs supporting veteran employment.

To learn how you can translate your skills into a career at Starbucks, check out what opportunities are available for you.


What experiences helped you or your spouse transition out of active-duty?

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