SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah was on location to host a Military Spouse vendor event on behalf of SpouseLink, June 30, 2018, in Norfolk, VA. She rented the community center at one of the military base housing communities and each vendor was a Military Spouse (a requirement to participate as a vendor).

This was Sarah’s first attempt at pulling together a vendor event, and each vendor requested to have the chance to participate in a vendor event each month following this one! We think that’s pretty awesome — especially since Sarah was able to spread the word of AAFMAA/SpouseLink to each of the vendors, as well as guests who came through to check out the event. Overall, this was a successful event, and the more Sarah plans, the greater the turn out is bound to be. Great job, Sarah!

See what you could have gotten at the sale:

Meet SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah

She’s served as our representative at Naval Station Norfolk, VA and in Key West, FL.


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